Which Audi models are green?


This Chronos Grey is a similar shade to the previous one and fits quite well with what an A1 buyer is looking for. It’s not pearlescent so it’s not as polished and with as much depth as the other but it is a metallic paint so it shimmers and shines in the sun. This is a color available for the higher trim levels of the A1 Sportback.

Glacier White is a slightly darker color than we are used to seeing on a white. It is metallic paint so it has a higher gloss and will highlight much any element of the body that this finish or chrome in black or dark. Of course, this paint involves a high maintenance cleaning.


Specialists demonstrated the prototype at CES, but since the Smart City Traffic Light assistance system is integrated into Audi, it will be compatible with all new models.

Audi’s system is based on local data sent to the car via Wi-Fi about patterns and times. The car, shows the driver the appropriate speed to reach the green light, with the help of red, amber or green icons.

If you missed the green for some reason and are at a red light, Audi connect will count down the time remaining until the next green light. It will also work in conjunction with the Start-Stop function to ensure that the engine is running 5 seconds before the green phase, i.e. as long as the traffic light remains red the engine will be switched off to save fuel.

The system is fully functional, ready for production and can be installed on all Audi models, however, the legislation of the different governments regarding speed limits must be studied first.

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In any case, it will always be clear that Tesla will have accelerated the introduction of zero-emission individual mobility among people who are ahead of the trends of the future. In view of the considerable price tags that characterize high-performance electric cars, it is also clear that their wealthy owners are part of a social elite sensitive to technological innovations.

The new Audi model arrives on the market in two versions, with respective maximum power ratings of 476 and 598 hpThe powerful Audi e-tron GT proposes to give new meaning to the concept of grand touring car. Any model registered in such a category is bound to stand out, both for its sporting powers and for the high levels of comfort provided on long-distance journeys. But the best thing is that this is a vehicle capable of fulfilling the desires of the most demanding drivers in terms of performance, and bearing the environmental label on the windshield that certifies its emission-free status.

Audi dark green

Audi Traffic Light is a V2I technology, i.e. a technology that connects vehicles with the infrastructure around them to improve the driver experience. Some brands also interconnect their vehicles, such as Ford, which also develops and tests its own anti-semaphore remedy.

The driver is given a target average speed. That speed allows him to cross as many streets as he wishes without ever encountering a red light, thus making the experience of driving in large metropolises lighter. He also sees a countdown that shows him how much time is left until the traffic light changes color.

“With the Audi traffic light information system, we want to improve driver convenience, increase traffic safety and promote an economical driving style for the future,” said André Hainzlmaier, Head of App Development, Connected Services and Smart City at Audi.

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