Are cheek implants better than fillers?

Cheekbones and cheeks

Hello I wanted to know if there is any way to fill in the cheekbones permanently ,I infiltrated my lips once with hyaluronic acid and it only lasted me 3 months ,this time I go further and I want to fill in my cheekbones and I would not want to retouch again, is it possible?

The ideal treatment to rejuvenate the cheekbones is from our point of view the hyaluronic Juvederm Voluma ™ with lidocaine because they are perfectly integrated into the tissue so that the naturalness of the face is maintained, helps to improve the freshness of the skin, its application is not painful and is the longest lasting on the market.

Nowadays, there are several methods (high density hyaluronic acids, polylactic acids, lipofillers and even perms), it is a matter of evaluating your medical history, your particular case and your wishes.

Good morning. Nowadays, cheek augmentation is usually done preferably with your own fat. Not all of the fat that is put in does not remain, since there is a certain reabsorption in the immediate postoperative period, but the fat that does remain in the area as if it had always been there, so it is permanent. It also behaves like fat itself in terms of fattening and thinning, so that if you lose weight, the cheekbones decrease. Sincerely, Dr. Prada. Seville.

What is the best cheek filler?

To obtain volume and projection of the cheekbones, what is the best filler, a highly cross-linked hyaluronic such as Juvederm voluma or calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse)? The best filler for cheek volume is your own fat.

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How long do cheek implants last?

The duration of cheek augmentation treatment with hyaluronic acid is up to 18 months. Applying hyaluronic acid in a cheek augmentation treatment allows to recover the lost volume in the cheeks. As it is a natural substance, it is reabsorbed by the body over time.

What is the best filler for the face?

The best facial fillers are called fillers. These are tissue filler implants that are causing a sensation among aesthetic medicine techniques.

Prominent cheekbones

To obtain volume and projection of the cheekbones, which is the best filler, a highly cross-linked hyaluronic such as Juvederm voluma or calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse)?

On the other hand, “fillers” using polyethylene prostheses, which are fixed to the bone with screws, have the advantage of achieving lateral projection, of being permanent, of giving natural results, and of not being mobile, although their main problem is the possibility of infection.

Fat is an unstable filler over time and is not exempt from complications. Because outside its cone of origin, it does not behave as an inorganic material nor does it hold as an autologous organic material. It is necessary to be careful with its transplantation, especially because of its irregular destination (asymmetric encapsulation, resorption, liquefaction, etc). Today, resorbable approved materials are always preferable.

In my opinion, the best filler on the market is Juvederm (R) Voluma (R) with lidocaine. Thanks to its high technology it achieves a very natural effect, in a safe way, with a lasting effect (+18 months) and high quality, which is why it is the reference product on the market.

How much does cheek augmentation surgery cost?

Cheek augmentation, cheek filler price 395 € – Dr. Mirta Herrero.

How to fill in the cheekbones of the face?

When the skin of the cheekbones has lost its firmness, one of the most commonly used techniques today is hyaluronic acid injections. This treatment increases the volume of the skin in the area to be treated while filling wrinkles and expression lines.

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How can I get a high cheekbones?

The most effective treatments to achieve defined cheekbones are hyaluronic acid and calcium hydroxyapatite. Cheek filler with hyaluronic acid is applied by microinjections in the area to be treated.

Cheekbone lift before and after

This is one of the most requested treatments by patients who come to our cosmetic clinic in Pamplona, because with the filling of cheekbones the patient can get a younger face, increase the volume of the cheekbones, prevent facial sagging and give greater harmony to the face.

The surgery for the placement of an implant, is a very simple procedure, ambulatory, with local anesthesia and short duration, as it usually takes no more than an hour to be carried out by the plastic surgeon. In addition, the price is not usually very high, which makes the aesthetic procedure very attractive, accessible and in great demand by patients.

Additionally, the surgery does not present major complications. We can mention the swelling of the lips and face in general, in addition to difficulties for the natural mobility of the face, however, these symptoms disappear completely in a couple of days.

It consists in the insertion of injectable fillers in the dermis of the cheekbones by means of very fine needles. It can be a temporary or long term treatment. It is a simple process that takes less than 30 minutes and is not painful at all.

Why are cheekbones augmented?

As we age we lose elasticity, soft tissue and tone in the cheek area. This decrease of the skin due to the loss of soft tissues forms wrinkles in the mouth. In this case, cheek augmentation is an ideal procedure to improve your appearance.

What does the word cheekbone mean?

1. m. Bone and prominence of each of the cheeks .

What is the best injectable hyaluronic acid for the face?

Personally, I recommend those of European origin, which are the most prestigious and of the highest quality, such as Belotero (Swiss), Restylane defyne (Swedish) or juvederm.

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Cheek filler price

This type of plastic surgery is usually combined with other procedures for a more harmonious result, such as a facelift, a nose touch-up, chin augmentation or neck liposuction. Although this decision will depend on the specialist who assesses the needs of your specific case.    Cheek augmentation is a very simple aesthetic intervention that involves a restructuring of the cheekbone area, achieving a balance of the features, rejuvenate and consequently, improve the image and self-esteem of the patient.

There are mainly two types of cheek augmentation. Facial implant surgery, this procedure uses solid implants such as silicone or polyethylene. And then there are the soft tissue facial fillers, which are less invasive and temporary options to achieve a makeover. The most commonly used materials are Restylane, collagen and the patient’s own fat transfer.

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