How do I know if a certificate is accredited?

Accreditation and certification

In this article I will tell you in detail what is the difference between both concepts, as well as the types of certification and accreditation that exist and the reasons why you want to be certified and accredited.

Accreditation is a process by which an organization that performs assessment activities submits its assessment activities to an inspection by an external entity (accreditation entity).

In each country or region there is an accreditation entity that is the one who ensures the good work and compliance with the accreditation criteria for organizations wishing to undergo this process.

On the website of each accreditation body you can check which organizations are accredited and what is the scope of accreditation for the activities they perform (testing, calibrations, medical analysis, inspections, certifications, etc).

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What does an accredited certificate look like?

Accredited management system certification is used to reliably demonstrate compliance with a standard. The use of an accredited certification body demonstrates that the auditing company meets the required quality standard set by the accreditation authority.

What is an accredited entity?

It is the one that allows the receiver of an electronic document to identify at least formally its author and can be used in the issuance of various documents.

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How do I know if a laboratory is accredited?

The best way is to consult a list of accredited laboratories. This information is public and is offered by the entities qualified to evaluate these laboratories, being in Spain the ENAC (Entidad Nacional de Acreditación).


The accreditation gives you more confidence and security on the products and services you get, also has a parameter to evaluate the quality of the product and / or service and a basis to demand on quality and safeguard their health and safety.

Determination of the degree of compliance with Mexican Official Standards and/or Mexican standards, international standards or other specifications. It includes, among others, sampling, testing, calibration, certification and verification procedures.

Accreditation bodies are responsible for assessing that conformity assessment bodies comply with the requirements established in the applicable standards in order to obtain accreditation.

Accreditation provides confidence to users (businessmen, authorities, producers, consumers) since accreditation ensures that accredited conformity assessment bodies carry out their activities in compliance with the applicable regulations, issuing reliable results reports, certificates and opinions.

What is an ENAC certificate?

The ENAC mark, or reference to accreditation status in reports or certificates issued as a result of activities covered by accreditation, is the means by which accredited laboratories publicly declare compliance with the accreditation requirements in the performance of such activities, and is a means of …

What is the difference between certification and accreditation?

In summary, ISO 9001 certification provides information on a company’s quality management system while accreditation provides information on the technical competence of a specific type of assessment body to perform specific activities.

What does it mean that it is not accredited?

Studying in an institution that is not accredited implies, among the main reasons, not being eligible for state benefits, in addition to not having the certainty of certifying the quality of its procedures and results.

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Educational Certification

The certificates of professionalism are the instrument of official accreditation of the professional qualifications of the National Catalog of Professional Qualifications in the field of labor administration. They are organized in 26 professional families and three levels of qualification.

Each certificate accredits the set of professional competences that enable the development of an identifiable labor activity in the productive system, without constituting a regulation of the professional exercise.

In this sense, each certificate corresponds to a professional profile structured in units of competence. The certificate includes the training associated to such profile, in such a way that the units of competence are associated to training modules, also contemplating a Module of Practical Training in Workplaces.

Through training in alternation with employment, certificates of professionalism can be obtained through contracts for training and learning and participation in Workshop Schools and Employment Workshops programs.

What does it mean that a laboratory is certified and accredited?

An accredited laboratory is one that has been evaluated under a certain standard by an accreditation entity endorsed for this work. … This is the international standard for laboratories carrying out calibration and testing activities.

What is a certified laboratory?

Laboratories certified and/or accredited with international quality standards or models. … When a laboratory is certified or accredited according to international standards, its services, products, analyses or tests are recognized in the more than 200 ISO member countries.

Why is a laboratory accredited?

Laboratory accreditation provides a means of assessing the competence of laboratories to perform specific types of testing, measurement and calibration. It also allows the laboratory to determine whether it is performing its work correctly and according to the appropriate standards.

How to know if a laboratory is accredited for covid testing

The certification of persons allows to confirm through the examinations that are performed, if a person is competent to carry out certain activities, according to the certification scheme. The service offered by accredited certifying bodies promotes social mobility, since it focuses the competence of people in the occupation and not necessarily in the training. To this end, the development of certification schemes is carried out based on standards that can be globally accepted, generating greater competitiveness in the labor market.

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Here you will find information of interest regarding different topics related to participation in International Accreditation Cooperations and Forums, attendance to events and activities related to the accreditation exercise, development and launching of new services and novelties.

Aimed at: Medical or Clinical Laboratories (LCL), Evaluation Criteria, Testing Laboratories (LAB), Calibration Laboratories (LAC), Proficiency Testing Providers (PEA), Product Certification Bodies (CPR), Personnel Certification Bodies (PCO), Inspection Bodies (OIN), Automotive Diagnostic Centers (ADC), Driver Recognition Centers (CRC).

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