Can you go to the toilet during your theory test?

Naval University | Did you know that you have to pass 4 exams?

If in spite of all this you go to bed and when you close your eyes you can’t stop thinking, you have to make an effort and control your mind, using breathing techniques can help you, we propose the 4-7-8 or relaxing breathing exercise, by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Don’t panic if there are too many difficult questions in a row or at the beginning of the test, BE QUIET there are 100 questions, you have a few left over, you don’t have to answer them all… just look for your apt (which brings me to the next point).

You may criticize me for this… but let’s face it, you’re here to pass, right? Well then, pass, get what you need to go to the next test and leave the “proud peacock” in all of us outside the classroom or at home if possible.

Unless you are sure that you got an answer wrong and you have realized this mistake, going over what you have already answered is not a good idea. In fact, if you do two rounds of the exam on the second round you should only look at the questions you have marked on a first reading to review them more thoroughly.

What are the faults of a practical examination?

In the practical driving test there are 3 types of possible faults: Minor faults, faults that do not pose an obstacle or danger. … Deficient faults, those that usually pose an obstacle. With two errors of this type you will not pass the driving test, as well as, with the combination of one deficient and 5 minor faults.

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How to fail the practical exam?

What are the ways to fail the practical exam? – Committing 1 failing error (in this case, the exam will be terminated before the minimum time and length). – Accumulating 2 serious errors. – Accumulating 5 minor errors and 1 serious error.

How many mistakes can be made on the practical driving test?

Throughout the test, up to 10 minor faults can be committed (or five if a deficient one is committed). This point includes previous checks of the vehicle, such as not identifying the different controls, tires, lights, oil level, horn, etc.

Bed bath with change of clothes

The theoretical driving test is the first step to be able to get the car license or motorcycle license in Zaragoza. Although it may be easy, the truth is that it can also be difficult. In addition, we have to take into account that it is a multiple-choice test. This type of exam has to be studied in a very specific way. Below, we will give you some tips to pass the theory exam and face it in the best possible way. Let’s get to it!

The theoretical exam is the first test that you have to pass to be able to pass the car license or the motorcycle license in Zaragoza. Although this exam is passed in the first call by almost 70% of the applicants, the truth is that it is an exam that requires an adequate preparation.

Currently, the car theory test consists of 30 multiple-choice questions that must be answered in 30 minutes.  You cannot have more than 3 failures. For the motorcycle license there will be 20 questions to be answered in 20 minutes. You cannot have more than 2 failures.

What are minor deficient and eliminating faults?

Minor offenses are those that do not pose an obstacle or danger. Deficient faults are those that pose an obstacle. Eliminating fouls are those that pose a danger.

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How many failures can you have in the practical driving test 2021?

The time for the exam is half an hour, so you have to spend an average of one minute per question. With 4 or more failures, the test will be failed. The final result will be known soon: the next working day or from 17:00 hours if it has been done by computer.

What happens if I fail the 2021 driving test 3 times?

However, if you fail three times, you will have to pay the exam fee and registration fee again. These three attempts, either the driving test or the knowledge test, can be taken within a period of three months from the date you pass.

How to obtain the CDL? Learn about commercial licenses

The Dirección General de Tráfico (DGT) does not want drivers to forget the most basic rules of the road. Training future drivers is fundamental for safety and for passing the theoretical driving test. Therefore, it is not a bad idea to take a few minutes to brush up on the rules of the road and try your luck with the DGT’s theory tests.

If you were to take the driving license test now, do you think you would pass the theory test that driving school students face? If you want to pass, you will have to study the book they give you at the driving school and do a lot of tests.

Do you think you would pass the driving license if you were to take the theory test now?  Remember that you can only have three failures to pass. Also, before answering the test in a crazy way, read the statements and all the possible answers carefully.

Which of these errors is considered flunking during the practical examination?

– Committing 1 failing MISTAKE (in this case, the exam will be terminated before the minimum time and length. – Accumulating 2 serious ERRORS or more. – Accumulating 5 minor ERRORS and 1 serious ERROR or more. – Accumulating 10 or more minor ERRORS.

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How many times can I fail the practical driving test?

In other words, you may fail any test once, both practical and theoretical, but not more than once so as not to have to pay the fee again.

How many questions can you fail the driving test?

The theoretical exam to obtain the B driving license consists of 30 multiple-choice questions (generally with three possible answers) that must be answered in a maximum of 30 minutes. A maximum of three failures are allowed for the DGT to consider the exam as passed.


In the days before the PER exam, the nervousness among our students is already noticeable. And it is then when they begin to apply the advice we give them throughout the course, but not only to them, but also to those who take the PNB, Yacht Skipper and Yacht Captain exams.

The PER exam is characterized by 45 multiple-choice questions, of which only one is true (or more true). To take the exam, the examining board grants 90 minutes, half of which, 45 minutes, if the exam subject is the one studied in the PER Reduced course.

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