Can you go to jail for using a fake diploma?

How to know if a diploma is fake in colombia

Fraud in certificates and diplomas is a phenomenon that has an increasing impact on educational institutions due to the scandals that are generated around the subject; The fact that a person incurs in the crime of claiming a degree that does not correspond to him/her, using the good name of an educational institution that he/she has never attended, is a factor that will involve that institution in an undesirable scandal, even if he/she has not had direct actions in the process, since the media will indiscriminately relate the news with his/her name, generating a noise that threatens factors jealously guarded by the educational institutions, such as quality and prestige.

Thus, it is demonstrated that conventional practices with security papers have become obsolete, demanding new alternatives based on a good technological management for the solution of the problem where the improvement of the administrative processes of the system is considered, so that the registration of students within the databases of the institution is also protected and internal vulnerabilities are avoided.

What happens if a diploma is forged?

Penalties under Colombian law

A person who presents a false document can go to jail and the punishment for the persons who elaborate the false diploma is also sanctioned with 3 years of imprisonment.

What happens if I present a false title?

Is it a crime to forge documents in Mexico? The forgers guarantee that the process will have “100% official” validity. … According to information from the Attorney General’s Office (FGR), the penalty for forging a public document ranges from 4 to 12 years in prison.

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What happens if I have a false high school certificate?

“If you present a false high school certificate, if the university did not detect it, you can go to university with it. But when you want to get your certificate, your studies are invalidated and we do not give you the certificate,” he added.

Cases of document forgery

There are people who work very hard. There are people who get their degree with brilliant grades and at the same time work their asses off to be able to pay for their expenses and even for their family. There are people who put aside their desire to go out, have fun and enjoy themselves with their friends in order to be able to get a good job in the future. There are people who come from families where they have not had access to culture and who have had to work three times harder than others. All these constant, hard-working people deserve to get the fruits of their efforts, and when someone dares to falsify their official qualifications and lie on their curriculum, they are, sometimes without thinking and sometimes consciously, stealing the effort and work of others for their own benefit, and that is execrable.

What happens to the person who has false documents?

Whoever falsifies a private document that may serve as evidence, shall incur, if he uses it, imprisonment from one (1) to six (6) years. Article 291. Whoever, without having participated in the forgery, makes use of a false public document that may serve as evidence, shall incur a prison term of two (2) to eight (8) years.

How is a high school diploma verified?

log on to to download their diploma and high school validation certificate”. Said the Director of ICFES.

How do I know if a title is a fake?

To check the authenticity of professional licenses, you may access the following web page: where you must look for the link to General Directorates; then the General Directorate of Professions, where you will find the National Registry of Professionals.

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Forging a diploma is a crime

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Nowadays it is no longer necessary to go in search of a document forger, everything can be done online, but before, the Plaza de Santo Domingo, in Mexico City, was the place where people who needed an identity card, a passport or any other document would go.

As time went by, the pen and typewriter were left aside to give way to the printing press, stamps and postcards. The work printed in ink was much better, more precise, had better presentation quality, and so came the first forgers of official documents.

On the other hand, to obtain an original professional degree from the UNAM or the IPN, the price was 150,000 pesos, with a waiting time of at least three months. But all that migrated to the sale of professional degrees and certificates over the Internet.

Where to get fake university degrees?


What are the illegal documents?

Forgeries – unauthorized reproduction of an authentic document. Alterations – alteration of an authentic document. Pseudo-documents – documents not officially recognized.

How much does an original high school certificate cost?

There is also the option of buying a high school certificate, but this option has a 50% chance of being found, and you can get into bigger problems. Its minimum price is 10,000 pesos MXN, to get a certificate this way, with the fear that you can get into trouble.

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What happens if you present a false school certificate?

Numerous arrests have been made for falsifying PCRs in order, for example, to travel internationally or to gain access to restaurants. In these cases, the perpetrators and beneficiaries are also considered to have committed a crime of forgery.

In May, the newspaper El País reported the arrest of a pharmacist in the Almeria town of El Ejido for selling falsified PCRs to Moroccans so that they could travel to their country., for its part, reported at the end of last September that the Guardia Civil had dismantled a gang dedicated to the falsification and sale of illegitimate PCR tests and arrested 14 of its members in Vitoria. And La Vanguardia reported a similar case, with two detainees, in Valencia.

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