What is a one tonne van?

Jac brings the new X200 to Peru

BORN TO BE STRONG Due to the truck-derived 5 mm thick solid “C” shaped steel chassis, the Daily 7 Tonne offers a choice of four gross vehicle weights for the cab chassis version: 6.5 t, 7.0 ty 7.2 t; and three for the van version: 6.5t and 7t. You know you can get the job done and count on a maximum load capacity of up to 2700 kg on the front axle and 5350 kg on the rear axle of the 7.2 tonne model with QUAD-TOR suspension.

The wide Daily 7.2 Tonne range, with wheelbases ranging from 3450 mm to 5100 mm*, its homologation for maximum widths of up to 2.55 meters and new exclusive rear view mirrors, opens up a wealth of opportunities to tailor the Daily to your individual needs. Whatever your business, whether it’s heavier transport work or waste collection, refrigeration, furniture moving or urban multi-stop deliveries such as parcel or courier services, you’ll find the Daily to meet your ambitions. * The 3450 mm pitch has a maximum payload of 7 tons.

New Isuzu 3 and 10-tonne trucks

“We appreciate the proactive attitude of the DGT, both the area of Mobility and Road Training, to defend measures that favor the expansion of the use of environmentally friendly vehicles in the sector and remove the regulatory barriers that existed for it,” says the executive of UNO.

“With this measure, in addition, we are moving towards regulatory harmonization and we are following the regulatory steps of other European countries such as Sweden and Germany. This is an important measure for parcel and logistics companies if they really want to encourage a transition from traditional vans to electric or gas-powered vehicles,” argues Francisco Aranda.

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However, the regulation that refers to the driving license required for a given vehicle belongs to a different area than the one that has to do with the regulation of driving and rest times for professional carriers, which requires the installation of a tachograph in vehicles over 3.5 tons.

Therefore, despite the novelty that a van of more than 3.5 tons can be driven with a B license, for the time being these vehicles equipped with an alternative propulsion system of up to 4.25 tons must continue to be equipped with a tachograph and their driver must comply with the regulations derived from this device.

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Considering that almost 80% of commercial vehicle drivers travel, on average, less than 200 km per day, electric compact vans offer many advantages for this type of delivery. In addition, restrictions on access to city centers are becoming increasingly severe. In some places, you can only enter behind the wheel of a 100% electric vehicle. Here are 6 ideal options to make this type of deliveries in urban areas without polluting.

Foton 2021 Vans – Launch Peru

For some, increasing cargo capacity is necessary to help reduce pollution and congestion. For others, it is a disguised way to lower prices. In the middle, a controversial rule because of its implications.

The proposal to increase the maximum limit of masses and dimensions to 44 tons is currently in the news, especially because of the contradictory versions of its possible application. Even within the same organization there is no unanimity on whether or not to increase the maximum capacity of trucks circulating on European roads by four tons.

The controversy arose after the meeting of the plenary session of the National Road Transport Committee in July, which analyzed a proposal from Aecoc, the association that represents a large part of the country’s distribution companies, to implement the agreements reached between shippers and hauliers, signed in April.

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Generally speaking, shippers and the automotive industry are in favor of the 44 tons, and the transport sector (companies and the National Committee) would be against it. However, detractors and defenders can be found on both sides that disprove this theory and are the exception to the rule, due to the number of edges it presents.

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