Is Aldi a budget supermarket?


Lidl and Aldi are two big competitors. Both supermarkets are German and, although they come from the same place, they are very different. Which one is better? That will depend a lot on your criteria as both supermarkets have products that are worthwhile and products that, on the other hand, are not worthwhile. Which are they?

Next we are going to talk about which of the two supermarkets, Lidl’s and Aldi’s, is cheaper. Let’s compare some of their products until we can give a well-formed opinion. Will you stay to see it?1Cured ham at Lidl and Aldi

Cured ham is one of those products that we all love to have at home. Of course, it is not as cheap as we would all like, especially if it is a good quality product. If you want a cheap ham, you will have to opt for the less cured hams, and that is not exactly the most advisable thing to do.

Both in Lidl and Aldi we can find a quality cured ham, but what is its price? While at Aldi it is priced at 2.69 euros, at Lidl it is priced at 3.19 euros, so Lidl’s cured ham is priced a little higher in this case.

Which is cheaper Aldi or Alcampo?

Alcampo is the cheapest chain nationwide, ahead of Lidl, Mercadona or Aldi. … A report has revealed that Alcampo is the chain working in Spain that appears closest to the cheapest chain in our country.

Which is the cheapest supermarket?

Alcampo is the cheapest option in 23 cities, followed by Mercadona in 17, and Supeco in eight. Spaniards spend an average of 5,490 euros a year on food. The disparity in the cost of the average shopping basket that exists between cities and autonomous communities is once again confirmed in the OCU study.

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Which supermarket is cheaper Lidl or Mercadona?

Alcampo is positioned as the most economical national supermarket ahead of Mercadona and Lidl according to the price radiography carried out by the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU). The average outlay on food of Spaniards is 5,491 euros per year, 340 euros more than in 2020.

Which supermarket is the cheapest in mexico 2021

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Alcampo stores are the cheapest in 23 of the 66 locations visited by the OCU. Mercadona, for its part, is present in all locations and is the cheapest store in 17 of them. Carrefour lags far behind these two chains, with the lowest prices in only two locations in the study.

What are the cheapest supermarkets in Madrid?

In the list of the cheapest supermarkets in the capital, we find the Mercadona on Monasterio de Huelgas street, the Alcampos on Avenida Pío XII and Avenida de Monforte de Lemos, the Supeco on Travesía Eduardo Barreiros, the Alcampo on Monasterio de Arlanza and the Mercadona on Calle Estocolmo.

Which is cheaper Mercadona or Alcampo?

Specifically, Alcampo is the cheapest retailer in 23 of the 66 locations visited, which represents a third of all of them, and has the cheapest store in Spain, the hypermarket located in Murcia, while Mercadona is the cheapest store in 17 of them and Supeco in eight.

Which is cheaper Día or Mercadona?

During the different studies carried out throughout 2021, several supermarkets have been ranked as the cheapest: Mercadona (December 2020) with 78.14 euros, Alcampo (March 2021) with 53.28 euros, DIA (June 2021) with 54.61 euros and Mercadona (September 2021) with 53.76 euros.

Cheapest supermarket in Spain

However, in spite of the fact that the shopping basket has become more expensive, the possibility of saving is greater now. To do this, it will be necessary to choose the supermarket in which to make the purchase, being able to save more than 1,070 euros. In fact, the average saving is 10% higher than in 2020.

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Alcampo, which belongs to the French group Auchan, manages to be in the lead, being the cheapest store in 23 of the 66 locations visited. It reigns supreme in a third of them, although it is down compared to 2020, when it was the cheapest in 30 of them.

Mercadona, one of the most popular supermarkets in the Iberian country, ranks fourth in this OCU study. The chain belonging to the Roig family is present in all the locations of the study, being the cheapest establishment in 17 of them.

Carrefour loses the path of being the cheapest supermarket, being the cheapest in only two of the 66 locations studied. But if we go further, it seems to be a brand strategy, as it seems to have ceded the position to Supeco, a chain of the same group.

What is the cheapest supermarket in Chile?

According to Sernac, the Lo Valledor Market has the cheapest price of the food and grocery basket, with a minimum of $62,875, while the most expensive one costs more than $84,000 at the Jumbo APP Francisco Bilbao.

Which supermarket is the cheapest in Mexico 2020?

Among the three cheapest, the Central de Abasto in Iztapalapa municipality leads at 775 pesos and 10 cents; it is followed by Bodega Aurrera in Leon, Guanajuato at 944 pesos and 25 cents and Soriana Híper in the same municipality at 949 pesos and 15 cents.

What is the cheapest supermarket in Burgos?

The Tifer supermarket in the Gamonal neighborhood in Burgos is the cheapest, followed by the Supeco in Santa Marta de Tormes in Salamanca, the Alcampo in Burgos and two other establishments of the Tifer chain, the one located on Avenida de los Trigales in Palencia and on Avenida de Galicia in Zamora.

Aqua Lidl cream withdrawn

The large distribution chains operating in our country have been immersed for months in a process of certifying the quality of their meat products on the basis of animal welfare, as they did with dairy products.

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The association Facua-Consumers in Action has denounced Aldi, Lidl and Dia, as well as the manufacturers Zampabollos and Asercelim for selling “roscones de Reyes” that are fraudulently presented as cream-filled, when in fact they contain other substances.

In a constant war to add the largest number of customers to their business portfolio, Lidl and Aldi have taken their rivalry this week to a specific product in their catalog. Hot-air fryers, which do not require oil, are increasingly in demand, which is why they are the focus of both chains’ offers these days.

Dairy week at Aldi and with a view to the Christmas season of real recognition for its flavor and good treatment of the product. The German chain, ready to continue breaking sales records, has two award-winning cheeses these days, as well as five other high-class cheeses sold at a bargain price.

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