How do you clean dirty blinds without taking them down?

How to clean aluminum shutters

It is not the same to clean the shutter from the outside than from the inside, especially if we do not have access to the shutter from the outside. In addition, it is necessary to take into account what material our shutter is made of: wood, PVC, plastic, aluminum… The nature of each blind requires a different type of product.

With a little neutral soap and clean water we can shine our blinds regardless of their material. However, when the dirt is very stuck, we can use more specific products (that are not abrasive) or we can use a steam cleaner.

When we have access to the outside of the blind, cleaning is much simpler: we lower the blind partially so that the slats are open and we have access to the typical grooves where dirt accumulates.

Next, we will take a soft bristle brush and clean it well from top to bottom to get rid of the dirt. After brushing the blind, we must vacuum it both inside and out.

How to clean shutters on the outside without access?

If we do not have access to the outside of the shutters, the traditional solution is to open the upper drawer where the shutter is rolled up. We will have to take a ladder and with a bucket full of water and soap to clean the visible part of the rolled up blind.

How to clean heavily soiled aluminum blinds?

For example, to clean aluminum blinds at home, ideally you should first use a vacuum cleaner with a brush to remove any loose dirt and dust. Then you can wipe with a damp cloth with warm water or glass cleaner, scrub part by part and finally rinse.

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What is the best way to clean blinds?

Use a sponge dipped in a combination of warm water, detergent or mild soap. Remove the dirt with the sponge and then rinse the blinds with another sponge dipped in cold, clean water.

Blinds Cleaner

The blinds are one of the elements that get dirty in a home to be exposed to inclement weather. After a whole winter raining, when summer arrives they are usually very dirty so it is the best time to clean the blinds, since during those months they will stay clean until the rains start again. Also, in most cases we decide to do this at the same time we are going to clean the windows to get a complete cleaning. However, it is not the same to clean the outside or inside of the shutter, nor should it be done the same on shutters of different types and materials. Below we will tell you the best way to clean shutters and the tricks for each case.

Of course, the outside of the shutter is always the part that gets dirty the fastest. It usually accumulates a lot of dust, rainwater residues, pollen and even insects. On the other hand, considering that in most homes the shutters are raised, access to the outside can be an unnecessary risk.

How to clean the outside of the blinds?

With a little neutral soap and clean water we can shine our blinds regardless of their material. However, when the dirt is very stuck, we can use more specific products (that are not abrasive) or we can use a steam cleaner.

How to clean aluminum canopies?

Use a brush to remove dirt and dust. Use a hose to remove possible mud stains. If you detect water spots, you will need some washing powder and warm water. Carefully clean each section of the canopy with soap to properly remove dirt and mildew.

How to clean PVC blinds?

In case you cannot disassemble your pvc blind, you should rub the slats with a mixture of warm water and soap. To properly clean all the nooks and crannies, first sponge with the blind closed and then open. This method will take a little longer but is just as effective.

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How to clean a roller shutter

Cleaning the shutters, especially on the outside, is one of the things we usually put off because of the effort and time it takes to do it. However, we must include their cleaning in our routine since they accumulate a lot of dirt due to the incidence of the sun and pollution. There are some tricks we can use to do it.

If you can access the outside easily it will be much easier, partially lower the blind so that the slats are open and we can clean the grooves where more dirt accumulates.

If you can not access the outside, you will have to open the top drawer where it is rolled up and with a bucket with soap and water to clean the part that is seen of the rolled up shutter and gradually unrolling until you do not see the part that we have cleaned, it is to remove the dirt back to back repeating the procedure until we have cleaned it completely. A much more expensive process without a doubt.

How to clean blinds with ammonia?

The first thing to clean is the inside of the blind because access is easier. Lower the blind completely and remove any surface dust. Then dampen a cloth in soapy water and ammonia. Then rinse with water and let it dry.

How to clean metal shutters?

In the case of metal louvers, after removing the thickest and most visible dust with a dry cloth or duster, the most efficient way to clean is with a cloth dampened with alcohol. Then, as in all other situations, the slats must be thoroughly dried to consider the work finished.

How to clean roller mosquito nets in an apartment?

Cleaning roller screens

You can use dish soap, as its grease-removing action is ideal for loosening dirt. In areas where there is more accumulation of dirt, you can use a soft brush dampened with soap and water, being careful not to break it.

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Cleaning heavily soiled plastic shutters

These blinds ensure a greater enclosure from the outside. They are somewhat more modern. They are very adaptable, being able to cover high windows or doors. They give a greater sense of visual cleanliness when they are retracted.

They are very delicate and their handling is not as easy and fast as other models.  There are two different profiles: an upper and a lower one. Both hold together a soft fabric -usually fabric or paper- which is folded and collects on itself in folds when the cord is pulled to lift the lower profile.

Now we come to the most interesting point. After knowing in depth the different types of blinds we can find, we must know how to clean them. In this case, we will talk about how to clean roller shutters.

To clean the outside of the roller shutter, all we have to do is open the drum. The drum is located on top of the roller shutter. If it is screwed, it is enough to use a screwdriver and remove the screws. Other models are covered with pressure, so with a flat screwdriver we will be able to make pressure and open it.

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